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Raises proven tipless, nitinol technology to a new level. This unique paired wire basket enables simple stone capture by effortlessly adjusting to the needs of each situation. The torque-responsive shaft and ergonomic handle provide the control and security to ensure safe and effective stone removal.
Whether dragging past a stone in a restricted ureter, pushing over a stone against an obstruction, or encapsulating a stone in the lower pole. The basket has the performance and versatility to save your time and ensure successful outcomes.
Ø Fr Basket Cathéter Basket O.D. mm Sheath Material Wires Length cm
2.2 532 043 16 mm PTFE / POLYAMID 6 tel 120
3.0 532 042 16 mm PTFE / POLYAMID 6 tel 120

Plasti-med has long been accustomed to operating in a highly regulated environment with regards to design and development of medical products. All Plasti-med devices are manufactured to the highest possible standards and have been bearing the CE mark since 2003 – demonstrating compliance with the Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC. The Plasti-med Quality Management System is certified according to and regularly audited against ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 13485 (2016). It is this commitment to Quality Assurance which enables us to serve and satisfy all our customers’ expectations..


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